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Welcome to Fast PC Soultions; we are the premier provider of Desktop and Notebook computer support. Our goal is to provide the very best technical support for any computer problems you may have. Because our quality control standards are high, with years of training and experience, our technicians are among the best in the business. Our goal is to always deliver exceptional service! We want you as our valued customer, to be happy and stress free when it comes to your computer. Here is a list of some of the services we offer:

Viruses, Spyware & Malware

Our technicians thoroughly look through your computer and remove any viruses, spy-ware & malware which are software programs capable of reproducing, converting personal information, and displaying advertising that can cause extreme harm to files or other programs.

Administrative Events

Keeps a good record of what is happening behind the scenes. It primarily shows error and warning messages that are caused when something harmful happens to your PC and should be the first place to go when something goes wrong. Its entries represent more serious problems with Windows features, networking, hard disks, and third-party applications. Fixing the problems that are causing these are essential for your computers health.

Disk Cleanup

It's important to frequently get a disk cleanup to rid your system of compression of old files, temporary Internet files, temporary Windows file, downloaded program files, recycle Bin, setup log files, off-line files, caches, cookies, and other unnecessary buildup that take up space on your hard drive and slow your PC down.

Task Manager

Monitors real-time running applications and started processes and provides detailed information about computer performance, CPU usage, running applications. This pertinent information needs to optimized to keep your PC running at optimal levels.


Our U.S. Based experts will add, modify, or delete vital data to bring a file or database upto-date. Programs that are continually changing and updating will be performing at peak levels.

Add-ons & Toolbars

These can be installed without explicit user consent and can often times manipulate your searches. Some are malicious add-ons that integrate quite convenient toolbars and other additional tools, which trick users into leaving parasites in the system, as such tools do not look related to actual threats but can change settings and your homepage.

System Configuration

Your System's Configuration is an advanced tool that shows all the programs that start up everytime you turn the computer on. You don't need most of these programs to operating at startup. Often times programs in here prevent Windowsfrom starting correctly, therefore slowing your computer down and delaying the startup process.

Defragment Files

A defragment reorganizes files on your PC's disk so that the parts of each file are stored in the same sectors on the disk, which will improve the computers performance and maximize the disk space.


Tech experts spend their time optimizing the computer to drastically increase the life of your computer and running at peak performance.

Optimize & Configure

Getting regular care of your computer, just like getting an oil change for your car, will greatly increase your PC's productivity and efficiency. In just a few steps your computer can be optimized and configured properly so you can use your system to it's full potential and extend its shelf life.

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