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Fast PC Solutions can help you with your computer support needs.

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We can remove dangerous viruses and pesky spyware.

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Running out of disk space? Let us clean up your hard drive.

Fast PC Solutions is a remote computer repair service based in the United States. When calling into our certified computer technicians, you can expect to have support with any software issue you may have. If you are concerned that you may have a virus in your computer, do not hesitate to let us know about it. In a matter of minutes, we can remotely connect to your home computer system in order to run a full diagnostic on your system. As we take you through your computer system, we can answer questions, make recommendations, and most importantly remove the virus. How do we remove viruses remotely? We run a series of scans that will detect any corrupt files or programs in your computer system in order to properly remove any issues.

Aside from virus removal, we can also help consumers with slow computer issues. Slow computer problems are very common, but can often be easily repaired. If you have a slow computer, we will initially check the system for viruses or spyware in order to ensure that the system is not performing with any potential threats. After scanning the computer system for viruses and spyware, we will look through the system for an over-abundance of programs and files that are not in use. Most computer systems that are running poorly will have too many programs trying to load on the computer system all at the same time.

Many computer issues can be caused from too many programs running simultaneously on the computer system. Too many programs running on your PC can even make it difficult to use your more important applications, like email. If you need email support, you can always feel free to call our computer technicians for assistance. As our disclaimer states, we are a third-party service provider for software issues. Even though we do not personally host your email, we can often help you solve your email issues.

Aside from providing computer support, we can also provide customers with a state of the art backup solution in order to safely store any personal data. At Fast PC Solutions, we offer a maintenance membership that allows customers to connect with us for regular maintenance on their computer systems. With the membership we include our backup solution, regular computer cleanings, security, and virus removal. With our membership, consumers can feel comforted knowing that their computer will run much smoother, much faster, and much safer.

Our greatest goal at Fast PC Solutions is to provide tangible results for our customers. If we find that you have hardware issues with your computer, we can help you find any hardware that you will need in order to enhance the performance of your computer system.

Do not waste your time unplugging your computer system in order to take it into a local shop, but instead, give us a call and we can remotely connect to your computer within minutes in order to resolve any computer problems you may have.

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